The UK's first space tourism travel agency has opened – and it's a world first

The UK's first space tourism travel agency has opened – and it's a world first

To infinity and beyond! The world’s first tourism agency that wants to send you to space now has a terrestrial settlement – and it’s in the United Kingdom.

Launched by London-based RocketBreaks, the agency has a full service to offer to prospective travellers, including coordinating flights, accommodation, meals and dedicated training programmes to be in space.

The package also includes day trips into space, weightlessness experiences and the chance to board on the Aurora Station.

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Sky is no longer the limit

Fed up with 5 star hotels? What if you could enjoy a room with a view… of over a million stars? That’s the aim of the Aurora Station, the first luxury hotel currently being built for the sole purpose of space accommodation.

The California-based aerospace company Orion Span is behind the idea, with Aurora Station scheduled to open in 2022. The luxury space hotel has been developed to orbit the Earth, and will be able to accommodate four guests and two crew for a 12-day holiday.

There, you will be able to witness the sunrise 16 times a day, and see land and oceans from a whole new perspective.

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Astronauts commonly talk about the ‘overview effect’, which offers the world on a silver plate and allows people to see the Earth as a whole.

Travelling to space will undoubtedly change your perspective.

But Aurora Station is not the only possible destination. Companies such as SpaceX are also developing opportunities for Mars travel.

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How can you book your travel?

First, you will need to join one of the training centres in partnership with RocketBreaks, in order to enhance your body to optimal conditions for space travel.

Future space tourists can join RocketBreaks’ waitlist to be one of the first to contact when reservations open.

“Without a doubt, space is the future of the travel industry,” RocketBreaks’ founder David Doughty says.

“We have seen a gap in the market, and by entering early, we aim to make RocketBreaks one of the most respected agencies in the space travel world, ” he adds.

“We know for sure that there is enough excitement and demand for space travel, whether on a day trip, to experience the absence of gravity, to see the world from a completely new way, or to stay in space.”

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Virgin Galactic, founded by Sir Richard Branson, is expected to enter commercial service in 2022, with its founder planning to make the first flight at the end of 2021.

The company recently announced the development of more spacecraft, in addition to them.

As for the COVID-19 pass, nothing has been specified so far.